Blocking of MasterCard, Maestro cards and blocking of Online banking access

In case of theft or loss of your HSBC MasterCard or HSBC Maestro card (debit card) we recommend you to block it immediately. Furthermore, please report any theft or robbery of your MasterCard / Maestro card to the local police.

The following numbers are available for blocking purposes 24 hours daily:

MasterCard emergency service number operated by FirstData:
within Germany: 069 7933 1910
outside of Germany: +49 69 7933 1910

Please find further information online:

Maestro card:
Central emergency service numbers to block your Maestro card (debit card)
within Germany: 01805 021021 or 116 116
outside of Germany: +49 1805 021021

Please find further information online:

Found a HSBC MasterCard or HSBC Maestro card?

If you find an HSBC MasterCard / HSBC Maestro card, we kindly ask you to return it to HSBC Germany:

HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt GmbH
Hansaallee 3
40549 Düsseldorf
Telephone: +49 211 910-0

Blocking Hotline for Online Banking access

Online banking Emergency Line:
within Germany: 0800 - 7233 981
outside of Germany: +49 201 3101 451

This number enables you to block your online banking access at any time. Please be advised, that this hotline is operated by an external service agency (A.Sutter Dialog Services GmbH, Essen) on behalf of HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt GmbH and that this number is solely available to submit your request for blocking your online banking access. Therefore no other orders or requests will be considered. Please note that to verify the legitimacy of blocking request, you will be asked to provide your personal details.