Information about your HSBC Germany Mastercard

Increasing security when paying online

We always aim to offer the latest safety-standards. The security procedure Mastercard® Identity Check™ provides added protection against future unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers.

Mastercard® Identity Check™ is a legitimation method, which verifies your identity as cardholder. You can confirm online-transactions either via App (fingerprint, face recognition or PIN) or by entering a mobileTAN via SMS. As part of a Re-Brand Mastercard® SecureCode™ will be replaced by Mastercard® Identity Check™.

More and more Online-Shops make use of this security system, where a payment is only possible with a registered credit card.

A registration to Mastercard® Identity Check™ is required.

The registration of your HSBC Mastercard takes place via the FirstData homepage.

For the registration process it is necessary, that you provide your mobile phone number – for mailing the mTAN via SMS. This number needs to accord with the number that you have provided us before. Please contact your relationship manager, if you want to provide or change the mobile phone number.

In case of questions during the registration process as well as suspicious incidents or irregularities during the session, the cardholder-service of our service provider First Data is available around the clock via +49 (0)69 7933-2555.

For more information about the safe handling of your card please visit

Please use the FirstData foreign currency indicator to check your Mastercard Account and relevant settlement prices.

Blocking of cards

In case of loss please call immediately the 24-hour-blocking-service of our service provider via +49 (0)69 7933-1910. The card will be blocked immediately.

Insurance package of Private Mastercard Gold

Our Mastercard Gold includes a comprehensive insurance package. Details can be found here:

Insurance confirmation Mastercard Gold (PDF available in German language only) (287KB, PDF)

Insurance package of Private Mastercard Standard

Insurance confirmation Mastercard Standard (PDF available in German language only) (2MB, PDF)

Insurance package of BusinessCard Gold

Confirmation of Insurance Cover Gold (280KB, PDF)

Insurance package of BusinessCard Standard

Confirmation of Insurance Cover Standard (209KB, PDF)

Credit card information online

We now offer you the option of both monitoring your Mastercard transactions as well as retrieving your previous monthly settlement online. This enables a nearly same-day control of your executed card transactions. In this case you will not receive the mailing of your monthly settlement.

Please use the following link to sign up for our free service

In order to access your transactions and settlement please click on following link after your registration

Monitor your card transactions with SMS@lert

With SMS@lert activated, you can observe all card transactions even if you don´t check these every day in our online credit card portal.

If you decide for this additional service, we inform you about all card spendings from either 25 EUR or 250 EUR via text message.

With this feature you make sure that no illegal transactions will happen on your credit card account.

For using SMS@lert, you only have to activate it within our online credit card portal.

In the following guide, you find a step by step instruction on how to setup SMS@lert:

Setup guide (PDF, 369KB)

Automated Billing Updater

You can optionally register your card to Mastercard´s Automated Billing Updater Service (‘ABU’).

In this case your card details will be managed centrally in the ABU database and will be transmitted to those e-Commerce merchants that have stored outdated credit card details from you. This can happen e.g. if you have ordered a service that is billed on an annual basis. In this case your card details are stored in the seller´s systems.

When it comes to the next regular card transaction those details can be outdated (e.g. because of a card exchange). To avoid any payment rejections, Mastercard will transfer the actual details within the ABU service to the requesting merchant.

Information on the use of your credit card with NFC-function

Your credit card is equipped with a near field communication technology (in the following “NFC-function”) which allows you to pay amounts up to 25 Euro contactless and without PIN code.

1. How does the credit card with NFC-function work?

For payments with your NFC credit card it is no longer necessary to hand it to another person, sweep it through a card reader or put it into a card terminal. Your credit card has an aerial which is linked with the chip on the card.

To initiate a payment you just hold your credit card a few centimeters away from the card reader of the checkout. The card reader reads out all information from your card which are necessary for the payment. Low value transactions up to 25 Euro are confirmed immediately. Payments over 25 Euro have to be authorized additionally by entering the PIN code.

You are able to use the NFC-function after the first use of the credit card for a contact-based payment.

2. Which data can be read out?

By paying with your credit card, the payment data are transmitted to the card reader via the aerial. The card terminal only reads out the data which are necessary for the payment. These are for example the card number, expiry date, approved methods of authorization, number of incorrect PIN entries. Just like with contact-based payments, the data are submitted directly from the terminal to the credit card organization/the account-operating institute.

No personal data (such as the name of the account holder or his postal address) are collected.

3. Can I prevent my data from being read out?

You can prevent that the data of your credit card are being read out by using a suitable protective cover (for example an aluminium card cover) which blocks every communication on the NFC-interface.