Information about your HSBC Germany Mastercard

Increasing security when paying online

We always aim to offer the latest safety-standards. The security procedure 3D Secure Mastercard®SecureCode™ provides added protection against future unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers.

3D Secure Mastercard®SecureCode™ is an authentication method: After you went through an one-time registration you confirm every online-transaction at a registered 3D secure trader by entering a mobileTAN (mTAN). Thereby online purchases that are made with your Mastercard, your mobile phone and/or your computer become more secure for you.

Your benefits:

  • High safety standard
  • Quick and easy
  • No separate software-installation required

More and more Online-Shops make use of this security system, where a payment is only possible with a registered credit card.

Therefore we recommend you to register for the 3D Secure Mastercard®SecureCode™ in a timely manner.

For this purpose you have two safe and easy possibilities:

  1. Registration of your HSBC Mastercard for the 3D Secure via the FirstData homepage.
  2. You can also sign in while making the first online purchase with a participating merchant. The shop-system will automatically pass you through to the registration.

For the registration process it is necessary, that you provide your mobile phone number – for mailing the mTAN via SMS. This number needs to accord with the number that you have provided us before.

In case of questions during the registration process as well as suspicious incidents or irregularities during the session, the cardholder-service of our service provider First Data is available around the clock via +49 (0)69 7933-2555.

Overview about the future purchasing procedure:

  • You purchase as usual with your Mastercard online.
  • You receive your mTAN via SMS on your mobile phone. The mTAN is only valid for this purchase.
  • A confirmation template appears on your screen.
  • You prove the correctness of the purchase data on your screen as well as in your SMS and approve the purchase with the mTAN and the answer of your additional security question.

For more information about the safe handling of your card please visit

Please use the FirstData foreign currency indicator to check your Mastercard Account and relevant settlement prices.

Blocking of cards

In case of loss please call immediately the 24-hour-blocking-service of our service provider via +49 (0)69 7933-1910. The card will be blocked immediately.

Insurance package of Mastercard Gold

Our Mastercard Gold includes a comprehensive insurance package. Details can be found here:

Insurance confirmation Mastercard Gold (PDF available in German language only) (287KB, PDF)

Insurance package of Mastercard Standard

Insurance confirmation Mastercard Standard (PDF available in German language only) (2MB, PDF)

Credit card information online

We now offer you the option of both monitoring your Mastercard transactions as well as retrieving your previous monthly settlement online. This enables a nearly same-day control of your executed card transactions. In this case you will not receive the mailing of your monthly settlement.

Please use the following link to sign up for our free service

In order to access your transactions and settlement please click on following link after your registration

Your access to a global network

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