Current Fraud scenarios

Coronavirus related crime

The present corona pandemic situation is also used by criminals for their machinations. German police forces offer detailed guidance how to handle with these threats appropriately. Please note: The external source is available in German language only.

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Business Email Compromise (CEO-Fraud)

Cyber-attacks have increased steadily in recent years. With criminals constantly devising new ways to steal information and money, one of the newest emerging threats is Business Email Compromise, also known as CEO or Chairman Fraud. The most frequent targets of this scam, small and medium-sized businesses can lose huge sums because of one spurious email.

Text and phone scams

Texts and phone calls can be used maliciously to facilitate theft and fraud. ‘Vishing’ calls try to alarm recipients into making payments or providing important financial information. ‘Smishing’ texts may additionally try to entice their target to click on malicious links, activating trojan viruses which can steal passwords and other high-value data.

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