1. Sustainability risk policies

HSBC Germany supports the transition towards a sustainable economy. As part of the sustainability strategy of the HSBC Group, we want to help all stakeholders – our customers, our shareholders, our society and our planet – to grow and prosper. What we bring to the table in this context is a strong focus on our customers’ interests and our determination to satisfy these to the greatest possible extent with our investment philosophy while also promoting the transition to a sustainable future.

Engagement through corporate stewardship is a key element of our sustainability strategy. HSBC Germany makes proactive efforts to engage constructively with companies in order to improve their sustainability performance and discourage unsustainable business practices. We therefore collaborate with portfolio managers whose management approach and long-standing relationships with companies enable them to influence the policies and procedures of companies.

Responsible investment is our guiding principle. This means that we take account of material environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks in our investment decisions and advisory processes.

2. Consideration of adverse sustainability impacts

In its investment decisions and advisory processes, HSBC Germany takes account of material adverse implications for sustainability.

3. Remuneration policy in connection with sustainability risk

The remuneration strategy of the bank is designed to ensure that the overall remuneration paid to employees and members of the management board is appropriate and competitive, conforms with corporate policies and is consistent with the corporate, risk and conduct culture of the bank. It is also structured so as to avoid inappropriate incentives, for example that encourage excessive risk-taking or impropriety in the consideration of customer interests. To us, ‘conduct’ means ensuring appropriate behaviour by treating customers fairly and not disrupting the orderly and transparent functioning of the financial markets. In addition, we strive to strengthen the long-term focus and sustainability of our business activities and take account of social, environmental and economic aspects in our decisions in order to reduce sustainability risk.


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